Regardless of how cautious you are, there are situations when you might misplace your keys or even break them. In such cases, an ideal solution is to call your nearest locksmith. And, the only other alternative is to break into your own car or property. However, breaking in might create unnecessary suspicion, even though you own that car or property. Some onlookers might end up calling the cops on you. Who would want that? So, it is best to call a locksmith to get you out of that situation. There are many cases of house and car lockouts happening every day in Wollongong.


Situations When You Require Residential or Automotive Locksmith Services:


A lot of people believe that locksmiths only pick locks. Even though locksmiths do pick locks, but that isn’t the only thing they take care of. The scope of their work is quite vast. Locksmiths require training for years to master their craft, and this extensive training involves a lot more than just picking locks. Listed below are some of the situations when you would require locksmith services in Wollongong:


  1. When Your Keys are Lost: Losing keys is one of the most common reasons why residents of Wollongong require the help of a locksmith. Each one us dreads this situation, but it still happens to most of us. Sometimes when we lose our keys, the situation gets worse when the spare keys are unavailable or not handy. When you lose your vehicle keys, you might decide to call the dealership. However, this is a lot more expensive idea than calling an automotive locksmith. Auto dealerships may also take a lot of time to get you sorted. So, any time you lose your car key, get in touch with a good automotive locksmith in Wollongong. The expert would assist you in no time.

  1. When You Require Spare Keys: A lot of people lose or misplace spare keys. Even in general, it is best to have an additional set of keys made. In case you don’t have any spare keys to your home, it can turn out to be your worst nightmare when you lose the master key. A residential locksmith can easily make another pair of spare keys for you. Once you have the spare keys made, make sure to store them in a safe, suitable place. 
  2. When You Break or Damage Keys: Rigorous outdoor activities can break keys of your house. For example, the keys may get twisted when you make an attempt to forcefully open the wrong lock. Sometimes the key may get broken inside the lock. In such a situation, making an effort to extract it yourself can be quite challenging. It is best to hire a residential locksmith to help you, so you don’t end up damaging the lock. 

  1. When the Lock to Your House or Vehicle Needs to be Changed: There can be times when the lock of your home or car needs to be changed. This is particularly the case when you are suspicious of any foul play. If the locks need to be changed, you will have to seek the help of a reliable residential locksmith. The locksmith will suggest good and secure locks that will increase the security of your Wollongong property or vehicle. 

  1. When You Move to a New House: Anytime you make a move, especially in a previously occupied property, you may not be aware of its previous occupants. Thus, it is best to get a new set of locks installed wherever you can. When you move to your new house in Wollongong, one of the first people you should call is a locksmith. It could be possible that the previous owner or tenant may still have the house keys. To be on a safer side, it is best to change all the locks to avoid any mishaps. 

What Does a Residential or Automotive Locksmith Do?


A locksmith is a technician specialising in everything and anything to do with locks. The specialisation comprises handling manual locks, safes, keys and even smart locks. 


Locksmiths install, replace, adjust and repair the locks as per their customer’s requirements. They can also provide reliable security advice for your residence or business.


Next time if you are locked out of your home, or have trouble with your car lock, don’t break into your home or car. Simply call an emergency locksmith to help you get in! If you are also facing one of the situations mentioned above, get in touch with our team of expert locksmiths in Wollongong!