So, you were in a hurry. Maybe you accidentally dropped your car keys on the seat while coming out of the car. Or perhaps you thought you only kept them down for a moment while you grabbed your sunglasses from the dashboard. All these occurrences are quite common. 


While such situations usually create a state of panic, our team of expert automotive locksmiths have got your back! We aim to make you feel secure in any type of situation, particularly when you have no idea how to get back in your car. We have all been there, stranded on a deserted road or in the parking lot while we accidentally spilt coffee on our clothes and had a pair of a spare t-shirt in the trunk. 


Listed below, you’ll find some useful things to do when you are in a lockout situation and need to gain access to your vehicle:


Ensure your car is really closed: To begin with, in case you ever find yourself in a situation where you’re locked out of your car, make sure to check if the car is really closed. Check the trunk and every door. There could be a chance that the doors may be closed; however the trunk is not. Thus, in case the trunk is open, you can try accessing your car using it. 


Look for a spare key: A lot of vehicle owners keep a spare key, which will help them open a locked car easily and quickly. So, get hold of your spare key if you have one. Some people hide their key in a secret spot in their car, while some hand it over to a family member or a friend that they can reach out to anytime in need. Even though you are a very responsible person, getting a duplicate car key made is a wise idea since you never know when you land in a situation where you don’t have access to the master key.


Try opening your car with DIY tricks: In case your vehicle is really closed, and the spare key isn’t available, try using a coat hanger for opening the door. This method will only work if your car has old-style door locks with small buttons on the ledge of the window. Take a wire hanger, straighten it out and then bend it in a hook-like shape. Then, insert that hanger between the rubber moulding of the car and the side window, moving it around the button of the door and ultimately pulling it up. 


If your car’s door lock is of the kind that sticks out of the interior door trim’s top, try opening it with the help of a shoelace. To do so, take the shoelace, make its slip knot, and push it in the car door through the right corner of the window’s top. After that, align it near the lock and pull so as to force the lock upwards. 


For people who are having an automatic door lock, you can try opening it by inserting a wedge underneath the door’s top corner, tapping it slightly to open the door a bit and then inserting a straight coat hanger or a long rod. Once you insert the rod or hanger, reach out to the lock and push it in order to open your vehicle. However, one must be cautious that he/she does not apply a lot of pressure on the window when attempting to open it as it can break the window pane.


Call up a friend: In case stuck in a lockout situation, never shy away from calling your friend or a family member. Even if it does not appear to be a full-blown emergency, these people can come in handy in such scenarios, like when you need help in getting the spare key that is kept at your home. Even if you do not have the spare key, they can help you in bringing the supplies needed to unlock the car’s door manually.


Seek the help of a mobile locksmith: Usually, when none of the techniques mentioned above works, the ideal thing to do is to seek the help of a mobile locksmith in Wollongong. He will come to the place where your vehicle is parked and will bring his toolbox to open your car without damaging the door or any other part. Furthermore, in case you haven’t left the keys inside the vehicle, the automotive locksmith will make you a new one without any hassle. To do so, all that is required is a Vehicle Identification Number. 


The safety of your car is of utmost importance. Irrespective of whether you have lost your keys, they are left inside the car, they are broken, or if the door doesn’t open, the locksmith can help you in all situations. Opening the car on your own can cause damage if not done correctly. Why risk it when you have a handy locksmith at your service? Contact our team today, and we will assist you in all lockout situations!